Sunday, May 6, 2012

Obama Quietly Killing “Medicare Advantage”

Obama to Eliminate Popular Free-Market Competition Medicare Advantage, but
Doesn’t Want America’s Seniors to Know
 until After November Election

ATLANTA – American Seniors Association (ASA) CEO Phil Kent today called it "outrageous" that Medicare Advantage, a private program with premium assistance for seniors and some disabled people, is being deceptively protected from Obamacare for a year in order to hide its eventual termination. "America’s seniors need to know the truth about the government’s plans for Medicare Advantage without being obscured by funding tricks and financial shenanigans," said Kent.

The popular Medicare Advantage allows private healthcare companies to compete in providing care based on a negotiated price. Potential enrollees have the freedom to choose from a number of different plans administered by private companies. Yet the Obamacare law slashed $145 billion from Medicare Advantage so it could die on the vine to make way for a government-run program that denies America’s seniors health care choices.

"There is no question that Medicare needs to be modernized and reformed," said Kent. "But Obama’s sleight-of-hand scheme is designed to fool seniors and mask the true intentions of his actions."

ASA is on record supporting the bi-partisan Ryan-Wyden premium support model proposed by U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan, (R-Wis.), and U.S. Senator Ron Wyden,(D-Ore.). Under the Ryan-Wyden premium support model, seniors would be able to pick from an array of private insurance options similar to the benefit choices made in the private sector. These plans would be subsidized by a defined contribution, roughly equal to what the government now spends per person. This $15,000 subsidy would grow over time, but seniors who want more expensive plans would still be allowed to do so by paying with personal funds.

"The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services indicated that, since the inception of Medicare Advantage plans, seniors saved an average of $100 per month by switching to these plans. Obamacare seeks to eliminate free market competition to help a select few financed on the backs of many— especially fixed-income seniors," said Kent.

"But the president doesn’t want America’s seniors to realize they’ve been hit until after the November election."

"America’s seniors need choices, information and services that allow them to live healthier, wealthier lives," said Kent. "Meanwhile, President Obama is intent on destroying any semblance of choice while using budget tricks to hide it. America’s seniors deserve better from their President."

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