Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trump Losing to Clinton

Trump has lost the election.  There is no way he can get to 270 electoral votes.  I believe he has just also lost Arizona and Indiana.  This leaves him with 154 electoral votes (of which only 37 are his base) to Hillary’s 384.  The party’s over, unless some zillionaire or cabal thereof offers Trump $150 million to go home, and the GoP selects a new nominee.

This level of defeat will flip the Senate to the Democrats.  Trump will make deals with Schumer and nominate liberal Supreme Court justices even if he miraculously postures his way into the White House on new revelations about Hillary.

The only hope is to let Hillary win this demolition derby and then have the rafters fall in on her because the country is too broke for her progressivism.

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Trump Often Flubs When ‘Speaking Conservative’

August 10, 2016By Taegan Goddard44 Comments

Vox: “This isn’t the first time something like this has happened: Donald Trump, trying to express an orthodox conservative view, ends up saying something that lots of Americans find brutal and extreme.”

“Think about when he answered a question about outlawing abortion by saying that women who sought abortions should receive ‘some form of punishment.’ Think about when he answered a debate question about raising the minimum wage by protesting that ‘wages are too high.'”

“These aren’t Trump’s own core issues, or the issues of his base. But they’re important to swaths of the Republican Party. As the party’s nominee, he’s tried to learn how to speak their language. But he speaks it with a heavy accent — and woeful miscommunication ensues.”

Secret Service Talked to Trump Campaign

August 10, 2016By Taegan Goddard24 Comments

The U.S. Secret Service has had “more than one” conversation with Donald Trump’s campaign regarding comments the candidate made about gun rights, according to CNN.

Bonus Quote of the Day

August 10, 2016By Taegan Goddard75 Comments

“I don’t think he thought it through. It was a red meat line he tossed off carelessly to signify solidarity with the crowd… But that is the problem: When you are the president of the United States you can’t do that. The things you say can send armies marching and markets tumbling. And he seems incapable of controlling himself. This is at the core of worries about him.”

— David Axelrod, quoted by Bloomberg, on Donald Trump’s “Second Amendment people” comments.

A Majority Say They’ll Never Vote for Trump

August 10, 2016By Taegan Goddard46 Comments

The Washington Post digs through the latest Bloomberg national poll and finds a number which should set off alarms at Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters:

“Bloomberg asked people if they would consider voting for the other candidate. More than half — 51 percent — said that they could never support Donald Trump. That’s more than 9-in-10 of those who weren’t currently supporting him. By contrast, 44 percent said they could never support Clinton, a little less than 9-in-10 of those who didn’t plan to vote for her.”

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