Sunday, December 20, 2015

Obama Signs Record of Regulations

President Obama Holds the Record for
Imposing Costly Regulations, says AMAC
Government regulatory authority run-amok is not a political issue

WASHINGTON, DC, Dec 18 – Most Americans were too busy preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday to have noticed the White House announcement that the president seeks to impose 2,224 new regulations on us in the coming months, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

The new rules include 144 regulations that are officially considered to be “economically significant” because they come with a price tag of $100 million or more each.

“Mr. Obama, in fact, broke his own record set last spring when he announced 136 mega-buck rules, the most ever in history until then.  That news came out just before Memorial Day weekend.  This time around he told us about the new rules only a few days before Thanksgiving.  It appears the president chooses to make these kinds of announcements at some of the busiest times of the year, hoping that few of us will pay attention to the fact that he plans to spend billions of taxpayer dollars,” Weber said.

The newest regulatory plan has a total price tag of more than $92 billion, according to some estimates.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The Competitive Enterprise Institute says that in 2014 regulations cost American consumers and businesses a staggering $1.88 trillion in lost economic productivity and higher prices.  CEI says the price tag for the average American household was $14,976

“If that is not enough to warrant Congressional scrutiny, I don’t know what is.  Government spending, deficits and the national debt are out of control and we all know it, but the cost of regulations and the impact these rules have on our daily lives gets little notice.  Perhaps it is because the rules are imposed without benefit of debate.  It is about time, therefore, that we encourage those who we elected to be our eyes and ears inside the beltway to do what they were sent there to do—to protect our interests.”

The Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress published a study noting that liberals favor government intervention that promotes social, non-economic objectives, while conservatives see government intervention as an intrusion that makes us less competitive.

“The issue of government regulatory authority run-amok is not a political issue.  It’s an American issue that requires bi-partisan attention because we simply can’t afford the nearly $2 trillion dollar price tag,” Weber concluded.

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