Monday, January 11, 2016

19 Unanswered Scientific Questions

Speed of light – something (tachyon particles) is faster

Antikythera Mechanism – where did this 300 B.C. technology come from?

Moon illusion – there is no universally accepted explanation

The Placebo Effect – why does it exist?

The Bermuda Triangle and other “Vile Vortices” – are they real?

A Formula for Prime Numbers still does not exist

The Fermi Paradox (high probability of extraterrestrial life with no evidence for it)

How does life originate?

The Theory of Plate Tectonics remains unproven

How Gravity Works doesn’t always add up

Why is nearly all earthly DNA right handed?

Did Atlantis exist?  Near Crete?

What was the universe like before the big bang?

Why do electrons have magnetic fields?  Are unipolar magnets possible?

Did life originate on earth?

How will the universe end?

How many universes are there?

What is the human carrying capacity of the Earth?

Assuming life originated on the Earth in the distant past, could a new type of life

       spontaneously and independently generate today?


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